Avoid Costly Downtime – Precise’s IT Back-Ups Keep You Online

While every IT department works hard to prevent data loss, sometimes there’s no avoiding it. Data loss can occur from hardware failure, bugs in software, and a variety of other issues. There are so many unforeseeable aspects of data storage and use that it’s inevitable that something will happen eventually.

Recovering lost data is challenging – and it can set your business back weeks. Other times, recovery is impossible. Data back-ups are one of the easiest ways to protect your essential data, and something that every business should invest in.

What Are Data Back-Ups?

Back-ups are one of the simplest and cost-effective measures that you can invest in to prevent data loss. A back-up is a copy of the data you want to protect. This data is stored somewhere safe, usually on separate hardware. Regular data back-ups protect your business from permanent data loss.

Copying all of your files manually is not a viable option as it is slow and error-prone. Precise IT uses an automatic data recovery system with plenty of customization to help you streamline the data back-up process.

You can decide which data needs to be covered and how often it needs to be backed-up. Whether you need back-ups completed for an entire network or on a workstation by workstation basis, our data recovery methods will get your business backed-up and protected from catastrophic data loss.

What Are the Benefits of Data Back-Ups?

Precise IT can help your business implement a data back-up system that is reliable and easy-to-use. Here are just a few of the benefits included with our data back-up service:

  • Peace of mind knowing that all of the important data for your business is safe. Our back-up system is guaranteed to protect you from any data loss or corruption.
  • Create customized data back-up plans that work for you. Save time and operating costs by only backing up the data that is important.
  • Create a back-up timeline based on your company’s needs. Back-ups can be created in real-time if you want to guarantee that all essential data is safe.
  • Reduce your IT costs. Our back-up service is easy-to-use, and we can train your employees on how to restore data when data loss occurs.

Cloud Back-ups – the Easier Solution to Data Loss

Back-ups can be completed in two ways. If a back-up is done locally, the copy of the saved data is stored in some kind of storage media like an on-site hard drive.

Cloud back-ups are a more reliable option than traditional on-site data back-ups. While you can back-up your cloud system manually, your provider will also perform routine back-ups as well. Cloud back-ups involve storing your data on the cloud. The advantage of this is that your data is 100% guaranteed to be safe, whereas local storage may fail.

Create a Reliable Data Back-up System with Precise IT

Your data is in good hands with Precise IT.

Our company provides a variety of IT support and services, including data back-ups. You can trust our specialists to design and implement data back-up systems that will keep your business up and running and protect your vital data.

We offer custom-built solutions that are designed to fit your needs. Contact us today if you’re interested in learning more about our data back-up services.