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Precise IT helps you realize the full potential of cloud solutions and accelerate your journey. Our cloud services cover every aspect from a clear roadmap and deployment strategy to migration, support, and cloud security.

Why Go ‘Cloud’: Benefits of Managed Cloud Computing Services

Cloud delivers on-the-fly
scalability, quick provisioning and alignment of the IT resources taking
into account current and future business needs.

Up to 85% of enterprise-level
companies already deploy cloud computing solutions. Thorough
implementation of cloud services brings endless opportunities to
businesses of any size, from operational efficiency to IT cost
reduction: cloud environment allows you to quickly implement solutions
based on your needs, keep your critical information and files safe and
secure, create virtual networks, make use of extensive storage options
to name a few.

  • Companies that switch to cloud enjoy higher levels of security than those  using on-premise storage.
    Firstly, cloud solutions allow companies to provide certain levels of
    permissions for employees. Secondly, cloud computing enables companies
    to comply with government security through  highly advanced encryption
    of transmitted data.
  • Despite the initial price tag of migration to the cloud, companies that make the switch report cost savings
    and higher ROI, through transparency, efficiency and cloud pay-per-use
    model. Pay-per-use allows you to only pay for the things that you
    actually need, without having to buy the entire software or program.
  • Business downtimes can cost your business revenue and reputation. Cloud computing offers some of the most advanced disaster recovery options.
    Moreover, storing all your enterprise information under one roof can
    cause you to lose all the important data. On the other hand, everything
    that is put in the cloud, stays in the cloud and can be accessed from
  • Having to perform a manual organization-wide updates can be a daunting task. Cloud computing applications update automatically without additional costs and downtime.
  • Cloud computing helps your company stay consistent and more efficient
    keeping all the data and files in the same place and the same format,
    while avoiding human error, maintaining consistency, keeping a record of
    revisions and updates and allowing any of the authorised employees gain
    access to the latest data at any point of time.
  • Cloud
    services let your employees easily access and share information quickly
    and securely, or collaborate on the same document as a team in
    real-time. Increased collaboration improves overall productivity and efficiency of your business processes.
  • Cloud computing solutions can help you analyze copious amounts of data.

Managed Cloud Services in Toronto: Top Local Cloud Solutions Company

With Precise IT as your managed cloud services provider you can easily and painlessly migrate to cloud or optimize your existing cloud infrastructure for the best performance. Our dedicated team of cloud services specialists will transform your IT services consumption, ensuring that your business operations are competitive, cost-efficient and progressive.

Precision IT team focuses on the overall health of your IT environment: we will help you make sound business decisions when it comes to cloud adoption, carefully evaluating your current IT environment, resources, requirements and workloads, ensuring that your organization gets the most effective solutions reaping all the benefits that cloud has to offer.

Our team has the capability to offer support at any point of cloud cycle: migration, adoption or implementation:

  • Plan: we carefully evaluate your current environment and build a roadmap to achieve your goals
  • Support: we provide ongoing post-migration support and training to all our customers
  • Optimize: we will meticulously test and optimize your cloud solutions to ensure the peak performance, driving efficiency out of your investment.

3 Step Approach To Cloud Backup, Managed & Migration Consulting

Proper cloud strategy and implementation allows your organization to leverage the value out of IT resources and collaboration tools. Precision IT team is here to make sure that your cloud infrastructure operates at its peak performance and is optimized in line with your business needs. Our every strategy is tailored to your specific requirements, which is why our team has adopted a 3-step approach to cloud strategy development:

  • Step 1. Evaluation & Strategy

Precision IT will discuss your goals, evaluate your current IT infrastructure, software and applications, workloads, processes and craft the best strategy to achieve your current and future business goals.

  • Step 2. Implementation & Migration

Precision IT will implement the roadmap using the most advanced enterprise-level methodologies.

  • Step 3. Optimization & Support

Precision IT will offer extensive post-implementation evaluation and testing, making sure that your cloud environment is resilient, stable, agile and purpose-built. We offer ongoing support and training, maximizing cost-efficiency, improved utilization and leveraging the latest advances.

Enable peak-performance business operations today and book a free consultation to discuss your cloud computing needs and goals with one of Toronto’s top cloud services consultants.