Precise IT – Systems Design and Building

All IT networks require a stable system design. Your employees need to be able to connect to a shared network and be able to use all of the programs within that network seamlessly. In a poorly designed system, overuse of the network can cause unexpected network slowdowns, reducing the productivity of your employees.

The expert systems designers at Precise IT provide comprehensive systems that suit your company’s needs. These systems are built to integrate many different services, including:

  • Operating systems 
  • Software installation
  • Network setup 
  • Network infrastructure

To avoid the problems that a poorly built system build can cause, it’s important to make sure that your system build is stable and effective. 

Benefits of Precise IT’s System Design and Building Services

At Precise IT, we set ourselves apart by providing a thorough installation process for your business. Our goal is to make sure your company file system is fully interconnected and runs with as little downtime as possible. Keeping track of all the services we provide is the key to our efficient systems design. The steps in our process include:

  • Detailed network installation documentation. We ensure that every service we provide is documented thoroughly, including network cables, software, and other components of the build process. This helps you keep an inventory of all of our provided services. With this method, if anything goes wrong, troubleshooting and maintenance are easy. 
  • Detailed software documentation. Just like the network, we keep track of all installed software. Our documentation makes it easy to keep track of what software has been installed and what needs upgrading or replacing. 
  • Detailed hardware documentation. We keep track of all physical devices on your network. Our documentation includes the hardware configuration, and the expected date a part will require maintenance. 
  • Test cases. Before the installation is complete, we will perform a variety of tests to ensure that your systems are running correctly. This includes testing the software and network to check if it can endure normal business conditions or high usage. 

Contact Precise IT for All Your System Design and Build Needs

At Precise IT, we work hard to provide reliable IT services to businesses in Toronto. With some of the most detailed installation documentation on the IT market, our systems are built to allow for the handling of any issues that come up quickly and efficiently.

That way you can keep your focus on your core business, and leave your IT problems to us.

If you are interested in our system design and build services, please contact our team today. Schedule your free consultation today!