Managed Desktop

Managed Desktop Services

Most employees at your business probably spend most of their time at a desktop or laptop workstation. In the modern working environment, your employees’ computers are their most important tools. Computers have so many different uses that they can be used for almost any task.

Your employees relying on computers means that computer failure, whether it be hardware or software, is a big danger to your productivity. If left uninformed and unprotected, an employee may make a mistake that damages their workstation. These mistakes can range from accidentally installing malware to using a piece of software improperly, leading to data corruption. One easy way to prevent these problems is with a managed desktop.

What are Managed Desktop Services?

Using a managed desktop service leaves the maintenance and setup of your employees’ workstations to a professional IT team. Rather than having your unqualified employees attempt to figure out which software they need and how to use it, a managed desktop will simply start off with all the required programs installed.

Precise IT’s managed desktop packages also come with a number of useful software features. These include various monitoring tools and features for convenience, such as anti-spam email filtering. A managed desktop is also much more secure than a locally set up one, thanks to the included anti-virus software.

Why Choose Precise IT’s Managed Desktop Services?

At Precise IT, we specialize in providing companies with fully set-up managed desktops for employee use. There are a large number of benefits associated with investing in a managed desktop service. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Good Value. A managed desktop includes a large number of tools at a better price than buying each tool individually.
  • Predictable Budget. The service costs a fixed fee every month. This allows you to take it into account for your budget, making for easy planning.
  • Increased Security. Our managed desktop services include updates to your operating systems and software, including important security patches. We also include anti-virus and anti-malware monitoring to keep your business safe from cyber threats.
  • Maximized Productivity. With a managed desktop, updates and software installation occurs in off-hours. This will prevent your employees from having their work interrupted for maintenance.
  • Regular Maintenance. By having a managed desktop service take care of your workstations, you can be sure that your IT technologies will be regularly monitored and maintained.

We pride ourselves on our team of expert IT specialists. We work with companies of all sizes to provide stable and functional IT technologies needed to improve workflow and efficiency. If you are interested in our services, please contact us today for a free consultation with no commitment.