Managed Server

Reduce Your Costs with Managed Servers by Precise IT

Servers are an integral part of any business’s IT infrastructure. You rely on your servers to route data, maintain connectivity, and more.

But managing and maintaining your own servers requires a dedicated IT department. You have to consider things such as: 

  • How downtime may paralyze your business
  • Staffing an IT department to monitor and maintain your servers 
  • Increasing hardware requirements and maintenance costs as your company expands 

Precise IT offers managed servers that can significantly reduce your monthly IT expenses. We monitor, manage, and maintain your servers for you, so you can focus on your core business.

What is a Managed Server?

Managed servers involve your company outsourcing its server management to a dedicated IT provider. Rather than running your server locally, we will run your server remotely for you. Your employees and customers can still access the server online.

Our specialists will ensure that your managed server is well-maintained, up to date, and capable of scaling with your company as you grow.

The Benefits of a Managed Server Provider in Toronto

There are a number of advantages to outsourcing your server management. Here are just a few benefits of our managed server service:

  • Save on your budget. By keeping your server running remotely with Precise IT, you can put aside all of the costs associated with operating and maintaining it in exchange for a static monthly fee. You’ll never have to worry about replacing server hardware again. 
  • Have a server you can rely on. Precise IT has the resources needed to handle whatever workload your server requires. With a highly trained team constantly monitoring and maintaining our servers, you can avoid more unwanted downtime than ever.
  • Keep your business secure. Keeping your server secure often requires constantly updating its software, as new security vulnerabilities are found every day. Our managed servers are up to date and protected from major security threats.
  • Develop a worst-case contingency option. We make regular backups of your server to protect you from data loss and other security breaches. This lets you avoid downtime by quickly and seamlessly switching to a working version of your server.

Let Our Specialists Manage Your Servers

Whether your company is large or small, Precise IT is here to provide high-quality server management solutions for your business. Our expert server management team specializes in working with all major server operating systems, so we are guaranteed to be able to handle your business’s server reliably and effectively.

With our flexible service packages and free consultations, we make it easier than ever to find a service package that works for you. We also offer on-demand IT support, as well as a wide variety of other IT solutions.

Are you an Toronto-based business? Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.