Network Support for Businesses in Toronto

Your entire company relies on a steady network to complete their work. Everything from sales to HR requires a reliable network. And there’s a good chance that most of your business’s data and computing power needs to be accessible by multiple users at any given time.

An IT network is an important aspect of your business, and any issues that it experiences can cripple your business and reduce its efficiency. Without access to important data, your employees may be unable to do any meaningful work, and your clients may be unable to access your website and its services. 

Unexpected network outages are costly to your business. But like most IT problems – they are avoidable.

Precise IT’s Network Support Services

At Precise IT, we prioritize helping businesses like yours maintain efficient networks through dedicated IT services.

Our experienced team of specialists will keep your network downtime to a minimum, increasing productivity for your business in the process.

Here are a few of the services we offer:

  • Network setup. We will set up and maintain the switches and routers your business needs to maintain a secure and efficient network.
  • Network settings configuration. We handle the parts of your network that your ISP may not be able to assist you with, including configuring your business IP address and DNS servers.
  • Network security. We install and maintain security provisions for your IT network, including firewalls and anti-virus software. These measures will protect your company from dangerous cyber threats such as ransomware and trojan horse viruses.
  • Wireless access. Your network needs wireless access points. WiFi is a convenient way to access your network, but the proper security needs to be in place to prevent data vulnerabilities.
  • Ongoing support. A network requires ongoing support. Our team will monitor and manage your network as part of our managed services package.

Why Choose Precise IT for Network Support?

At Precise IT, we recognize that you can’t afford to experience network downtime. Every second your network is down, your business is losing money.

Our mission is to help your company reduce downtime by implementing efficient networks that are secure, up to date, and supported.

We also offer fully-managed IT services and on-demand IT support as needed.

Schedule a free consultation today, and we’ll assess your current IT infrastructure and help you identify and structural weaknesses in your IT department.